Ramblings from the warden

Ramblings from the warden

Work parties

NewsPosted by Mike Morley Sep 13, 2016 16:15
Winter time is when we need to carry out maintenance tasks and we welcome the help of volunteers. The work can be fun and you can make new friends. Most work involves cutting and thinning.
we usually meet on the first weekend every month in the mornings for a couple of hours at 10.00.
If you would like to join in please send your email address to me and I will share more information

heavy horses

NewsPosted by Mike Morley Aug 05, 2016 07:34
Thank you to Robertand Annabelle who brought Samuel into the wood to pull some logs. This experiment may lead to a more regular vist in the winter. Samuel is a seven year old Shire from Chiltern Heavy Horse based at the Chiltern Open Air museum in Amersham. A great day out and well worth a visit

Professional dog walkers

NewsPosted by Mike Morley Jun 24, 2016 06:17
I have had complaints about dogs being attacked by other dogs in the care of a 'professional' dog walker. We have introduced a guideline of four dogs per handler but also ensure that you have insurance and are operating so that it is not invalidated. There are severe penalties for failing to keep a dog under control. Remember it can be intimidating to others to see a pack of dogs heading towards you. Thank you to the walkers who are cooperating .


NewsPosted by Mike Morley May 11, 2016 16:51
The Bluebells are now out on the Bluebell walk. They are later in our wood than other places but there is a spectacular display this year as the recent warm weather has brought them out. A worth-while ramble on a sunny day.


NewsPosted by Mike Morley Mar 21, 2016 08:33
I had a phone call that motorcyclists were seen in the wood yesterday. I had a similar report a week ago. We do not allow motorcycles so if you spot any please record any details, even pictures or video. Where are they coming from, going to?
If they present any danger then call 999 or from a mobile 112. Alternatively the non emergency police number 101 giving them details.
I do not advise you confront them. If you managed to speak to them just politely point out that motorcycles are not permitted in the wood and ask them to leave.
Thank you- happy walking